Sunday, January 11, 2009

On the Piste...London Calling, La Flégère


Newly won fan said...

Such understated colour palette, the silhouette really underlines her feminine body. The combo pink hat/blue boots truly symbolizes the paradox of our time - were we travel for thousands of miles to experience the cold and beautiful alps when, at the same time, the very travelling in itself gives the global warming just the boost it needs to destroy the cold beauty of the central European alps!

Oh, so much poerty, politics, and smart wits captured in one picture. I adore your style and you´re intricate messages, Sartorialpiste!

Beller said...

secret agent look!

N-boy said...

I love the panzer look with the tone-in-tone patterns on the legs. Matching is hard when you rent skis, though.
Definetly looove the lo-fi belt buckle!