Friday, January 16, 2009

On the Piste...How to make a first impression

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Lunsj Dagenson said...

Mmmmm, finally one of the "skate or die"-inspired fullsuits of the eighties. I have been looking all over for this puppy!

Actually i believe this is one of the very few Rip Curl/Stüssy collaborations. Note the tag below the main graphics. Traditional and typical Stüssy.

Belt with tone-in-tone features and a great fit over his butt.

Also, you got to love his skis! Looks like real oldschool Dynastar SpeedPiste, probably in the 195 length, so popular back in the days!

Have to say it looks better than the short'n wide racecarvers of today. Look at the guy behind him, those skis are a joke. Especially in combination with the Peak Performance R&D jacket. Sooooo standard!

Long live the graffitti fullsuit!

Another one well caught by the never failing digital sensor of Sartorialpiste!