Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Indoor Connoisseur...Oslo

While spending a night in Oslo, Norway, I was invited to what turned out to be a real hipster party. This guy, obviously the hipster of all Norwegian hipsters, was really a mind opener for me.

He looks like he comes straight out of a Gauloise advert, the mind reels with french cool references like Godard and Assayas. He's deliciously androgynous - beautiful wintertime in Paris look.


Bruce said...

Wow, this hip young man seems to have understood what few men know. Womens clothing are not exclusively for women. This actually looks like Adidas Stella McCartney - limited edition, but it might well be Gucci or Dior. Flair and glare!

Shiny suit and shiny shoes - this guy must have rocked the party!

Don Koff said...

Hey, isn't that Xmas-Tiedj? He is the godfather of Caramba-Electro, the new finger-in-the-air dance everyone's doing at the afterhour clubs of Tøyen these days. He is like the coolest man in Oslo right now. How the hell did you get into a private party with him - and why is he wearing a women's ski suit? Is that like the new thing?

Anyway - I diig!

Props to you for crashing the far most happening parties, Sartorialpiste. More of this!

Buster said...


Stunningly fashionable. The colors, texture, every little detail. Plus a statuesque face. You can stare at this pictures for a few minutes still absorbing every detail and capturing the full frame.

I want him!

Jenny V said...

Wow, few men can pull of this look with such style and panache. ;-)

I think I have a little crush ;-)