Friday, July 3, 2009

Honourable mention in Norwegian Daily

I got some messages from my Norwegian friends today telling me that my blog is mentioned in one of the biggest Norwegian dailies , Dagbladet. It is being compared to Scott Schumans blog, The Sartorialist, and is being considered the trendiest of the two. I am honoured to have being given this kind of attention, although I must admit I think it's about time the fashonistas of the piste finally become the top trending topic.

It's summer, which means that the summer ski resorts are finally open. I have planned the Sartorialpiste Summer Tour for a while, and I will return here with an updated schedule soon so you can give me your local advises and inputs.

It's a long trip but I hope to get lots of great images.


Anonymous said...

You should really come to norway! Beatiful people, great skiing. Not so sure about the Sartorialpiste fashion.

found out about you from Dagbladet here in Norway. Good to see some media is "up and running" on trends!

C-MAN said...

Hey - this site is just what i have been looking for! I am so tired of the mainstream, boring 20 a dusin outfits!

Anonymous said...

Come to Norway!

Anonymous said...

Whats up with the none-existin updates Mr Sartorialpiste?

We want more